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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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wusa9 crews out on a story of an app called sketch. >> the app is supposed to warn you of not so safe neighborhoods around town when our crew became the focus of a crime. see what happens. >> james brady's death now ruled a homicide. >> not a picture perfect weekend. we'll track some showers and thunderstorms but not everyone will see storms. we'll tell you who stays dry and who gets wet. >> are you ready for the ice bucket challenge? what it is and who is next.
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>> happy friday, everybody. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm derek mcginty. the united states conducted airstrikes today against islamic militants in northern iraq hours after president obama authorized it >> the attacks targeted artillery installation near the city of erbil where u.s. personnel are assisting the iraqi government. american f-18 fighter jets dropped several 500-pound laser guided bombs near the iraqi city of erbil. the strike took out an artillery launcher and separate strikes later in the day also targeted islamic terrorists from isis. president obama said thursday night the strikes are meant to protect u.s. military and diplomats working in erbil. is that when the lives of american citizens are at risk, we will take action. that's my responsibility as commander in chief. >> u.s. air power was used to drop food and water to iraqis trapped in the mountains of northern iraq. an estimated 15,000 religious minorities were driven there by
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isis whose forces surround the mountain and threaten to kill anyone who comes down. u.s. planes dropped enough supplies for 8,000 people, but some of the pallets are missing and may have even missed the drop zone. >> this situation will only be solved by the iraqi people and a government that reflects the views of iraq's diverse population. >> both airstrikes and food drops are expected to be repeated as isis pushes towards erbil. isis terrorists have already captured hundreds of women on the religious sect currently trapped on the mountain in northern iraq. john hinckley jr. could find himself back in court this time for murder. it's all about a new ruling involving that infamous shooting in 1981 right outside the washington hilton. president, press secretary, a secret service agent and d.c. cop all wounded. hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity in that attempt to assassinate president reagan, but now
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there's a chance he could face a murder trial in the death of then presidential press secretary james brady. brady died this week in alexandria at age 73. today the state medical examiner ruled his death was actually a homicide by gunshot saying he died as a result of that bullet that had left him partially paralyzed so many years ago. tonight local and federal agencies are taking a good look at this new ruling. d.c. homicide detectives, the u.s. attorney's office and the fbi. for now john hinckley remains under treatment at st. elizabeth's psychiatric hospital in d.c., but he is permitted to take unsupervised visits to see his mom in williamsburg, virginia. could that limited freedom play a part in whether authorities seek a murder trial? tonight we spoke with local attorney mark shammel. >> i would think mr. hinckley's attorney would take all the things the court has filed in the last three years to get the privileges in the community and say he's perfectly sane now.
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>> but tonight hinckley's attorney told the washington post and we quote he was found not guilty of the assault, so how could he be found guilty of the more serious charge? end of quote. we'll keep you posted on that. new tonight our wusa9 crew was robbed in northwest d.c. ironically they were working on a story about an app that warns you sketchy neighborhoods. mola lenghi and his photographer james hash as well as intern taylor bishoti just got back to the station. what happened? >> reporter: typically we're reporting on these incidents. tonight we were the victims. i'm not going to speak for these guys, but i think i can for a moment when i say tonight was a heck of a night. we went through quite a bit. we're doing a story on an app that describes sketchy neighborhoods. it led us to the petworth neighborhood of northwest. not going to call it a sketchy neighborhood, but as folks were telling us it was a good
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neighborhood and not much activity happens around there, our van was being robbed. so this is what happened. we got back to the news van, noticed our lock was popped out, got in there and noticed that all of our stuff was gone. i had a backpack full of electronics, work related electronics, a laptop. what did you have in here, james hash? you had two backpacks stolen. >> yeah. laptop, all my photo gear, a couple small cameras. >> reporter: gear that you had built up over 15 years of being a photographer. taylor, you had stuff stolen. >> i had a purse, wallet, ipad, cracked iphone. >> reporter: this iphone saved us. taylor immediately began tracking her stolen iphone using my iphone which was not stolen. after we filed a police report we began tracking this thing. to make a four hour night a long story short it led us to a couple dumpsters in another
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sketchy neighborhood. we'll give it the eyeball test, don't always need an app to tell you that. we wouldn't tell you which neighborhood, but it's the type of place where stolen goods get dumped. that's where we found our stuff inside of a dumpster next to a couple of apartment buildings. my man hash here jumped in the dumpster. he was chest deep in the dumpster literally emptying out the dumpster rooting through trash. i think you said you felt like you stepped on some rats at some point. >> we did see the raccoon. >> reporter: he wanted his stuff back. 15 years of gear, he wanted it back. we were able to recover a lot of stuff, not everything, but a lot. you see batteries. you see chargers, stuff that hash can tell you what they do. i don't know, but i know it's a lot of expensive stuff. because of the iphone app find your app we were able to track it to these dumpsters where hash jumped in there. not everything was recovered. in terms of value of some of the stuff that was not, how much would you say is still
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floating around out there? >> computers and cameras we're still out many, many, many thousands of dollars. >> reporter: they got the good stuff. some of our stuff got recovered. a lot of times this stuff doesn't get recovered, but we were able to recover some of it. so somewhat of a happy ending. thank goodness for the iphone app. we're doing a story on one app and a different app ended up saving us, but all in all, not too bad of a loss, although i'm sure the station wouldn't agree with some of the stuff that we lost. >> what i find so interesting is that someone took the time to take all this stuff and then dump what they did not think was valuable to them but then kept some stuff. for instance, most people would take the iphone and try to sell it. the reason they didn't take hers, it's cracked. >> reporter: you're right. they could have been smart enough to know the iphone was being tracked. that could have been a possibility and also some of the stuff they dumped, for a regular person, a civilian, what are you going to do with a
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camera battery? it makes sense to dump some of this stuff, but they got away with some pretty good gear. we filed a police report, hopefully they're tracked down. >> glad you guys are safe. police turned up a potential witness to a case of cold blooded murder in anne arundel county. 49-year-old rahinder kumar was gunned down early thursday at an exxon station on route 175 and hanover. there was no warning given, no mercy shown by the armed robber who just pulled the trigger. today police found the driver of the suv seen in the security video, a driver who might steer police to more key clues. >> they could glean some light on something, a direction, whether the person made a left or right, whether they entered a vehicle. sometimes the images are grainy but somebody may recognize the person by the way they were walking, by their stature, how they ran. these little things are important. >> you see how the guy went in there like he was targeting kumar, but his customers are so
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stunned he was gunned down because they say he was a gentle sweet man who worked so he could send money back to india vñofor his children. did the former virginia governor mcdonnell and his wife try to hide the loans and lavish gifts from jonnie williams, ceo of star scientific? today the mcdonnells' stock broker was called to the stand along with an executive from star scientific as prosecutors pushed their version of the story. peggy fox was in richmond with their testimony. >> reporter: jonnie williams gave maureen mcdonnell a $50,000 loan. she used about $30,000 of that to buy star scientific stock. as far as public officials, they have to report anything that family members have over $10,000. today on the stand john piscitelli who you see leaving court here was the mcdonnells' stock broker. he of ited that maureen mcdonnell want -- testified that maureen mcdonnell wanted to get those shares out of her name in both 2011 and 2012 in
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order to avoid reporting requirements. also on the stand today was another star scientific executive. >> excuse me, guys. >> reporter: paul perito is a former federal prosecutor and was board chair and coo at star when ceo jonnie williams spent $165,000 of his own money lavishing the mcdonnells with shopping trips, vacations, golf outings and loans. perito said he had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of that activity. did you really not know about all those gifts? >> he did. he said everything he had to say in the courtroom. don't you think that was quite enough? thank you very much. >> reporter: but perito did say at first he was wary of williams' relationship with the virginia governor and his wife concerned about the political ramifications of his company not being taken seriously, but he said he grew to accept the governor's support hoping it would give his product credibility and influence the
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virginia tobacco commission to fund a study. star hired former attorney general of virginia gary kilgore to get those grants. perito testified he did not know gary kilgore's brother was chair of the tobacco commission. it's likely gary kilgore will be on the stand monday. peggy fox, wusa9. a lot of you parents out there probably counting down the days till the kids head back to school. >> it can be very expensive buying those new school supplies and after the clothes, so after the break some money saving tips to help you stock up on the cheap. >> you may have seen topper taking part in the ice bucket challenge earlier tonight. i have been nominated to go next along with my friend jan here. it's going to get wet and wild in a very chilly way, so stick around. >> it's very comfortable out here on the weather terrace. this will be the scene of the crime shortly, high temperature 84 today. wakeup weather, dry in the
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morning. 64 to 72 at 7:00, in the 70s at 9:00 and 76 to 80 by 11:00. we'll come back and track some showers, but some of you won't see any showers. we'll detail it coming u
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that new school year for some kids starts in a few
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weeks and parents are on the hunt for the best bargains they can get. >> you want to grab a pencil and jot down some of lesli foster's lesson plans to save big. >> anything that has to do with stationery, notebooks, anything. >> reporter: this mother/daughter duo knows how to stretch a dollar, but the first lesson is to scan for leftover school supplies before leaving home. >> doing that will help you curtail some of the back to school spending. >> reporter: list the items you have and decide what you really need to buy. >> this will help you realize how much you can still expect to have to spend when you go shopping and also having that budget cap in the back of your mind will help you keep the impulse spending to a minimum. >> reporter: the annual tradition of shopping for her 8 and 18-year-old school age kids has taught charmaine brown some valuable lessons. >> i kind of comparison shop
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before i purchase anything. >> reporter: according to the national retail federation, families will spend on average more than $660 on back to school expenses this year. so downloading apps like red laser to your smartphone will help you rack up even more savings. >> it allows you to scan the barcodes on various items so you can comparison shop online prices versus local stores to see whher or not the better deal is online or in store. >> reporter: coupon sherpa and retailmenot are two more tools that will upload coupons when you check out at the cash register. broaden your search to save and don't himself yourself to just big box stores like target or wal-mart. >> school supplies are typically cheap are at office supply stores. for example -- cheaper at office supply stores. for example, you can get notebooks and folders for 15 to 30 cents during promotions. >> reporter: a new outfit is a thrill, but you don't have to break the bank. brown says shop the kids closets first. then purchase only what they
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need. >> there are a lot of end of summer sales now. so you can score deals on maybe basic things like jeans, t- shirts, socks, shoes. >> reporter: so the lesson here, do your homework ahead of time. the savings don't end there. consider swapping items your kids don't need with other families to stretch your dollars. you still have time to follow your favorite retailers on facebook and twitter for exclusive deals and take advantage of student deals at stores like apple, dell and microsoft. they might even throw in a gift top toward the purchase of our school-related items. >> if you're planning to do back to school shopping this weekend, you might want to consider heading to maryland because the tax free shopping week starts sunday. helping you plan your day, wusa9 first alert weather. >> the hurricane iselle is pretty much history. hurricane julio is a category 2
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storm, wind 100 miles per hour and gusts 120 miles per hour. it will continue to ride north and east of the island. this storm will not have any impact on the islands at all. i don't think we'll see tropical storm force winds. high temperature 84 today. that's stealing another day from august, a victory. michael and son weather cam, down to 75, dew points in the 50s, relative humidity 55%. so weekend, not picture perfect, but it's okay. most of your outdoor plans are fine. most of the mornings will be dry. it will be dry saturday and sunday mornings. you'll want to plan on doing outdoor activities then. you'll done a few afternoon showers. if you're camping in the mountains or along i-81 in the shenandoah valley, you'll have showers on and off all weekend. 7:30 in the morning showers primarily south and west of town, temperatures mid-60s in
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gaithersburg, 71 downtown, by 8:00 upper 60s to mid-70s and by 10:00 a shower as far along as i-81 and a lot of showers west of that back in the mountains. in town we're okay. then by 1:00 some showers get closer to us and start firing up into southern maryland. i agree with that. notice they're green on the lower end of our legend. some showers in leesburg over to gaithersburg, temps around 80 but nothing crazy heavy and nothing long lived either. 81 in manassas, 82 in leesburg by 3:00 and then by 6:00 a little hint of yellow sparks up there, maybe an isolated thunderstorm downtown. by 9:00 the showers on the wane and they'll build as we go through into sunday and sunday evening, but for the most part not a bad weekend. 70 five at 9:00, 80 at 11:00 -- 75 at 9:00, 80 at 11:00 and 83 at 1 p.m. and we're dry. next three days some showers saturday and sunday, more south and west, 85 both days and afternoon showers monday, 87. we've not pulled the trigger to
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make anything a yellow alert day. next seven days tuesday isolated showers, wednesday isolated showers. temperatures go to the upper 80s and then very nice thursday and friday next week. we are back in the mid-80s with sunshine and low humidity. so far august has been pretty sweet. >> don't put the jinx on it. >> okay. you may have heard of the challenge going around facebook and social media for lou gehrig's disease, als. topper got challenged earlier. take a look. >> reporter: okay. i'm going to hand you the microphone. when i'm done, i will challenge someone else. >> that's fair enough. go for it. >> go for it, ladies. let's hear it, top. >> oh! 0 >> i felt that. >> you got my shoes wet. i don't like that. >> how do you feel? >> oh, my goodness. i now challenge to raise awareness for als to jan
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jeffcoat. >> come on now. that was too easy and obvious. >> you got to do it. >> i accept the challenge. >> i was also challenged by reporter nikki burdine. i did not realize i looked that goofy dodging topper's water. stick around. the end of the show we'll face this challenge head on outside. how about that? >> okay. i'm excited. sports is anti climatic after that. >> it is except the nationals actually making a nice little comeback after strasburg got beat up. so we'll find out exactly what the nats did after falling down big time
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now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> nationals nursing a 4 1/2 game lead over the braves in the nl east. braves had the nats' number seven 10 meetings between the two teams, on to a rainy night in georgia, stephen strasburg on the round 2nd inning already 4-0 braves on top. freddie freeman taking strasburg deep for a two-run shot. more importantly steven sousa,
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jr., smashes right into the wall. he is down and he would be out. check out the replay again. the home run, but the hit on the wall was harder. so sousa is out of the game. later, though, 7-1, anthony rendon with two on cutting that lead 7-4. nationals on the comeback trail. we have a rain delay and wilson ramos after this delay a solo shot. we catch up with the action now. it is 7-6 braves leading the nationals, that game in the bottom of the 8th inning. on to the orioles and their 1954 throwbacks. they blasted six home runs tone, two from j.j. hardy. here's the so he -- tonight, two from j.j. hardy. here's the solo shot in the 3rd and a three-run blast in the 4th from john mclaughlin j. hardy. the orioles are seven -- from
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j.j. hardy. the orioles on top. tonight two elections into the naismith basketball hall of fame. gary williams won a championship in 2002 and went to two final fours, but before he became an elite coach williams paid his dues as an assistant basketball coach at lafayette college in pennsylvania with a catch. >> the soccer coach just left and that salary is right there. they've never had a full time assistant basketball coach. so if you want to be the assistant basketball coach, you've got to be the head soccer coach. we're talking 1971. we're not talking world cup. >> who knew garry williams was a soccer coach? joining williams in the hall of fame is alonzo mourning, the 6' 10 behemoth who imagined the paint for the hoyas. mourning made seven nba all-
11:26 pm
star teams, won a championship with the heat in 2006 but credits his old coach john thompson for showing him how to be more than a basketball player. thompson showed mourning how to be a man. >> he saw this kid,is big kid with potential to do more than just play basketball. he gave a piece of himself which transformed me into someone who represented georgetown university in proper fashion. coach thompson made me a man and that allowed me to be a husband, father and friend. >> congrats to garry williams. we'll be right back with the
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i did it earlier and it's for the pete frates foundation recognize als. this guy was the baseball captain and was diagnosed with als and it's a big deal. so i challenged you and nikki burdine challenged derek. so are you guys ready? >> it's not that bad. i'll tell you what. they're ready. >> can we do a countdown or something? >> can we just make sure we don't use any word you can't say on television? >> okay. >> yea! that's what i'm talking about. >> oh! >> now you guys can challenge someone else. >> oh! >> i think that dave owens should be the next victim. >> there you go. >> kristen berset. game on, baby. >> here's the deal. i have to pay $10 for both those guys because they did it, okay? go to our website the link is there. >> oh. >> i love you, top.
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>> it's okay, later, later. just a couple showers over the weekend, not a washout. we'll get some towels for these guys. have a good weekend. go to our website and contribute, please. good night. >> my wet t-shirt contest. cj
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